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The development in the IT field is fast and it can be difficult for ordinary users to keep track of everything that happens. One example is the introduction of the iPad as a mobile device at the warehouse, it will give you as a user a much more user-friendly experience and increase your productivity.

Bitlog therefore has an important task to explain how technological advances can be translated into practical business benefits.


We at Bitlog feel proud to possess expertise in the latest technology platforms. We are developing the systems we sell and implement for our customers, which ensures high reliability and maximum performance.


Thanks to a long experience as an IT developer in the warehouse and distribution, we have achieved a good knowledge of our customers’ reality and the need for flexibility. This is constantly a decisive factor in our efforts to maximize customer value.


Today there is much talk about the cloud as an exciting opportunity to utilize IT services without having to invest in hardware or software. Our modern products can be used in the cloud and connected to your ERP with ease. This saves you the headache of back-up, hardware investment and other software licenses.

This is what some of our customers say:

”After about 6 months of the project, we are now very satisfied with the functionality of the system – as well as the support and expertise Bitlogs consultants demonstrated during implementation.”
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”When we went live in March 2015 we were able to rejoice in a modern and efficient WMS with a high degree of automation. The warehouse staff is now using iPad Mini and Bluetooth connected hand scanners, which has minimized the need for manual work”
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”We could instantly notice major improvements in efficiency and quality. Warehouse staff are now working with iPad and Bluetooth scanner, providing major time savings and fewer errors. The system also gives us complete control over the entire logistic flow, as well as stock status and order processes.”
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“The test for the system came when the Hultafors Group took the decision to move its central warehouse from Holland to Poland. The choice was between maintaining (and expanding) our own warehousing / logistics system, or outsource it. The positive experience of Bitlog WMS proved decisive, and when the move was carried out in 2013 the system was already in place – now also complemented by a handheld solution – and deliveries could be carried out from day one after moving to Poland.”
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“In close cooperation with Bitlog we built a tailoredWMS system from scratch. Today the picking note is replacedby iPad and hand scanner, which has resulted inhuge time and cost savings. Our customers are also experiencing increased security of supply, shorter lead times and improved traceability.”
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